Essential Oils

Essential oils or essences are substances that make up what could be defined as the soul of the perfume. A perfume is basically a solution, from a chemical point of view. The solvent is often ethyl alcohol, to varying degrees in combination with distilled water, where different additives are dissolved: the essential oils and extracts that give rise to the perfume bouquet. Essential oils tend to be very volatile, and this is precisely the property which makes them ideal for the creation of perfumes and colognes. They are volatile means that contact with the air, its molecules will tend to evaporate, filling the atmosphere its odor. In addition, this volatility implies that its preparation and collection is extremely complex, since they are difficult to capture in a bottle substances. Suffice it to say that produce a single drop of essence of roses are used to 30 flowers. The evolution of chemistry gave rise to the creation of synthetic oils.

That is, thanks to the artificial production of these essential oils are It has managed to significantly lower the price of perfume, sending us a much greater number of consumers. Waters derived from the distillation of the oils are also used in the creation of perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet products. But, it is necessary to clarify, that essential oils are used for a large number of uses other than the manufacture of perfumes. For this reason, we can find in oils used to perform massage, bath salts, personal hygiene products, and other household products destined for deodorizing and perfuming rooms. Another essential use in essential oils is the increasingly popular aromatherapy.

This alternative therapy considers odors have a beneficial effect on health, and, specifically, may be helpful for certain boxes. Some examples of the usage of essential oils and its healing effects, beyond the preparation of perfume, can be found in the employment of the Juniper, a plant known since ancient times, not only for its use in rituals religious, but because of their known beneficial effect on menstrual cramps and other spasms. Bergamot is a citrus fruit, whose skin is used to produce an oil for use in the cure of depression. Jasmine is also highly beneficial in this mental pathology, also showing sedative effects, combats anxiety, and helps with the skin care. Lemon, a citrus like bergamot, has detoxifying properties, extensive use in cleaning industry.