European Commission

Older cars can be retrofitted with daytime running lights pioneered this trend are certainly the automakers BMW and Audi. All newer BMW and Audi models have the daytime running lights standard on board. But the owners of older vehicles have the ability to retrofit their cars with real daytime running lights. Numerous studies have shown that road safety is increased by driving with light on the day. The daytime running lights is not that one even sees the road better. Your own car is recognized by the switched light for other road users, especially in low light conditions, easier and faster.

This reduces the risk of accidents. For this reason, a policy was written by the European Commission in 2008. People such as Mark Hyman, MD would likely agree. After that all new passenger cars and vans models need to (up to 3.5 tonnes), after the 7.2.2011 of the car manufacturers on the EU market be brought, standard be equipped with daytime running lights. For older cars without real daytime running lights, the legislator recommends to drive in Germany on the day with low beam. This however has the drawback that at the same time the rear lights, the mixer and number plate light be with reconnected with the dipped-beam headlamps. The fuel consumption may be up to 0.2 liters per 100 KM depending on the car. Also some motorists would not expect these overtime their XENON burners. The better solution: The car retrofitted with a universal LED daytime running lights.

A fuel consumption is no longer detectable by the low power consumption (sometimes less than 4 watts per lamp) of modern LED lighting in principle. By the way, the look of the car is still upgraded. Universal LED Tagfahrleuchen are offered in the trade from around 60 euros. The installation is not that difficult and can be carried out by experienced Hobbyschraubern itself. Garages quote for installation in about 150 euros. You must ensure however that the LED daytime running lights have a valid authorisation. You recognize them on the so-called E-mark. The directive applies to daytime running lights while ECE R87. The E-mark must be affixed on the LED daytime running lights so that it is visible also in the installed state. Daytime running lights with an E-check mark in Germany and osterreicht may be used without additional entry in the vehicle papers.