Financial Crisis

weeping of a town is listened to in the street, cris economic, which we faced Without a doubt in Honduras, the stock market, he is practically null, we cannot value to our companies through Dow Jones or of the S& P 500, but we only needed to go out and to see the number of people looking for use, the shot indices of dilatoriness, where they are alternatives that it has left to the town of Honduras? , while the exports are affected by the rupture of relations with some countries, I touch of is, closings of borders and airports, diminution in remittances and cancellation of aid that has caused that diverse projects sponsored by BECIE, I.A.D.B., FM, have been cancelled or they are stopped at least, what expectations we can have of the Honduran economy? , if the category of risk country even is about to fall, according to the Fict Reating, our economic indicators already are directed, seems that at least for this year the crisis policy will be reflected inevitably in the GIP, and in it jeopardize indices of economic growth, the return of the currency will be inevitable, or at least one inflation that left with hunger micro and to the median company, that works with the empty stomach so that this consumed in expenses its capital of work. The Industry and Chamber of Commerce of Tegucigalpa calculated in US$100 million the economic losses of the country during the month of July, because of the takings of highways, closing of borders and decay of the commercial activity by the political instability of the nation. And also it is necessary to add the month of August and our chaotic September. To the date is had lost around 180 000 uses, like effect of the world-wide crisis and the political situation, and the affected cities more are Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The sector not been left tourism to after showing lost, not seen from the 1998 when the Mich hurricane. Also the private bank I have an interview affected, since in view of crisis the clients have decided to retire their savings and in many cases of not paying their debts. At present I touch of is continue, Mel locked up continuous Zelaya in the embassy of Brazil and closed Micheletti in Honduras, since it does not have visa and it is not recognized by the majority of the countries, the bad decisions are continued taking. Honduran unmonos, by us, our country we do not leave sinks the boat to us. Others who may share this opinion include Margaret and Richard Riney Family Foundation. Original author and source of the article.