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Football team FIFA Code PUR Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Football Federation Association CONCACAF Confederation Clasif Technical director Colin Clarke. FIFA 166th in February 2010 Best place on 97th March 1994 Worse 201st place in November 2004 First international match Costa Rica Puerto Rico 0:12 Barranquilla, Colombia – December 10, 1946 Best Cayman Islands Puerto Rico 4:0 Georgetown, Guyana – March 14, 1993 Worst result Antilles Puerto Rico 0:15 Caracas, Venezuela – January 15, 1959 FIFA World Cup Participation Without Gold shares shares Olympics Participation No Participation Without shareholders The football team Puerto Rico is the national representative of the island. It is controlled by the Puerto Rican Football Federation, a member of CONCACAF.Unlike much of the Latin American countries where soccer is the sport par excellence, because of the great American influence (a country which has controlled Puerto Rico for more than a century), baseball is the most popular sport on the island . However, thanks to the participation of players in MLS and USL, the coach has been rising at their level, and reached the second qualifying round for World Cup 2010, beat its similar of the Dominican Republic 1-0 in overtime, but lost to Honduras 2-6 on aggregate. Many of the current national team players also play for the Puerto Rico Islanders team USL First Division (second division of football). Some of the athletes who participate end up playing here in the U.S. team, as is the case of Chris Armas.This player has participated in five non-official parties representing Puerto Rico, which then allowed him to participate in the combined United States, where he served in more than fifty occasions the position of defensive midfielder.