Foundry Hall

In the autumn the contract for the training workshop was awarded in 2008. The volume of construction shows that a partner was needed here, which had to meet many requirements. Especially special know-how for the Foundry halls and a construction site management, which properly retains six completely different construction sites in the area under control were needed. The FREYLER Industriebau GmbH from the Sachsische Riesa was found. Good results in the commercial construction depend heavily, whether the Planner understands not only his field of expertise, but also understands the essence of the company and its operations. The expertise of the project manager paid off here. While there was a firm date then on every Tuesday the construction phase maintenance and work planning of the iron foundry of Torgelow, project leader FREYLER, along with the necessary professional planners and craftsmen sizzle the responsible manager.

Were all agreements made, clarified the details and the measures adapted to the operation. We have in the construction of the first Foundry Hall made it clear what We understand by precision, punctuality and communication”, reports the CEO in retrospect. FREYLER has responded well and has met our expectations with his whole team. Logically, cooperation is always easier and therefore also economic. Because both know-how and confidence to a stable partnership grow. Therefore, all further orders to FREYLER went a decision from which both sides benefit after the first Hall. Of course, the price for each tender must be again. But it’s not all just. Flexibility, commitment, communication, and knowledge about what we do for our customers every day are important to us also at our construction partner.” A rapid overview of Group of companies for more projects and the FREYLER get on.