Freelance Work

What is different from freelance work remotely? Particle "free"! This is – the freedom to choose the type of activity, freedom of choice of the project, the freedom of choice of the counterparty, the freedom to choose the short-term or duration of these relationships. Free – it's wonderful concept, but it must be remembered that this free is not only a performer, but also a customer. In general, the format of "freelance" is usually closely associated with the ability to superior and subordinate as little as possible to see each other. Or not at all to see. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Freelance implies the freedom to use the specific contact only once, and did not return to it if the conditions are not satisfied with cooperation. You can publish an article written not too able to freelance, but not be obliged to go to meet him constantly.

In this case, is not so much economic as ethical motive: "This time we were good, but nobody promised nothing to anyone." No longer interviews, signing numerous papers, a careful test of terms and explanation of the discrepancy sentimental views of life. On the one hand, short-term relationship in any area of life indicates a lack of deep interest. What is generally unpleasant for anyone, because it is important that we understand and appreciate. On the other hand, the short term – it's just a phase. Anyone who is always in power to make the first appointment, including the business, including correspondence, pledge long-term relationships. In fact, freelancing – not the format of random links. Freelance would not be so common today, if I was not comfortable both employee and employer. Stay on the thin line that preaches freedom, but so in need of constant – always beneficial to both parties. So if you want to get remote working, having a permanent employment at the same time, it is necessary to assure leadership in its highest degree of organization and constant readiness to get in touch as well – for working long hours, for much the same without sverhurochki, if the boss does not have the opportunity to see employee every minute and be sure that the soldier was not asleep, and the service is.