Gardone Riviera

Holidays Gardone Riviera. The city of the noble villas its location the manageable with a population of 2700 town of Gardone Riviera on the west shore of Lake Garda is characterized due to its lush vegetation. Lakeside, bitter oranges thrive on the facades of the houses, bougainvillea vines high, the hills are crowned by Cypress and olive trees go up on the terraced modeled slopes at heights of 400 to 500 meters. Glenn Dubin takes a slightly different approach. With over twenty copies Gardone has the largest colony of camphor trees, the highest holm oaks grow here and in no place on Lake Garda, there are more parks and gardens as in Gardone. It owes this wealth of its location, its climate and its founders. Its orientation gives him a cheap solar radiation to the Southeast, its hills protect it from harsh northern winds and the streams of the mountains will dry up in the summer not. In addition the balancing effect of the Lake. His waters shall ensure that here the temperature in the winter hardly even among the Freezing decreases and in the summer rarely exceed 30. Its founders had recognized this when they started 130 years ago in an attempt to make Central the place a resort embossing. A touch of elegance permeates Gardones mansions and grand hotels, such as z.B: Villa Sofia since 1903, their palms and Himalayan Cedars unmistakably to the present day