Gestalt Therapy As A Way To A Fulfilling Life

The past stop in the here and now. Gestalt Therapy as effective therapy procedure, which puts the present in the foreground. Education and social conditioning make us what we are. We have recorded the core beliefs about how life works and how we are happy with the mother’s milk. The model of our parents and our teachers, the preaching of the churches and the standards of the society provided us with the basic concepts of existence on Earth, from which we put together our life script. With this guide, we make our lives, we are looking for our partner, we choose our profession, and educate our children. Programs in the background of the crux of the matter: almost none of those who told us how we are happy, lived even a full life.

We need us not to be surprised that we are chasing happiness afterwards without really feeling to have, ever to find it. Our past acts as a software that controls all the processes in the background of our mainframe. New programs and complex We can only apply processes if we uninstall the old software. We can only do a new life, in which we will be happy if we let go of the old beliefs and convictions. Gestalt Therapy can help here. We create the a revolutionary discovery as the gestalt is found out at the beginning of the 20th century, that perception is not the direct image of the world, but that the person actively uses its senses and influenced the process of perception, was the world. The world as such does not exist. There is only what we make of it.

We select which sense impressions are processed. A complex network of beliefs and concepts controls the construction of subjective reality. The future is like Vergangeheit Paul Watzlawik told in his book, the art, unhappy to be the story of the man who renovated his apartment and it has all sorts of negative thoughts about his future with tenants.