Grains Soy

In the case of the margarina, the carrot cooks and reserves. It catches the water docozimento of an average carrot and joins to the maisena, making a gum. Noliquidificador dressing gown the milk of soy, the carrot, the gum with salt the taste. Oil goes juntandono until it is firm. It pours in a pot with cover and has led to the geladeirapor, at least, four hours. To become maionese of soy oleite must be put together with in the liquidificador the garlic and the salt. While it beats, oil to the few can derramaro until thickening (more or less thin consistency of one mingau).

To remove of the liquidificador and to drip 2 lemon juice spoons, being moved well. To add the taste in accordance with salsinha vegetarian well worn out, bempicada olive, well perforated tomatoe, well pricked onion and I smell verde' '. To get adventista, necessrio a complete vegetarian diet to learn to make the milk of soy in house, therefore it is not to fcilencontrar it in the market. Sara says that xcaras of soy in groe 2 liters of water and the ones of the all is necessary only 2 the tips: ' ' It must to choose the soy well and to wash it with vriasguas and to leave well of gravy during 8 the 12 hours. To peel the necessrio grain to eliminate the water where the grains had been of gravy and to place grosnum cloth of plate or sachet. It must be pressed the strong tips of the cloth and fazermovimentos, or be passed on the cloth and grains the coil to open masses, some times, with force. Under of current water, in a great canister, it is pressed with the fingers and to go changing the water until the grain to be total clean. Soon after, she is necessary to beat to the clean grains in the liquidificador with 1 liter degua and to take everything to cook, in a great cauldron.