What have in mind to help in habituation. Found in a new place without its mother and siblings is a very stressful situation for a puppy. Read more from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease to gain a more clear picture of the situation. My dog and I offers some tips to make the adaptation to their new home not a traumatic experience: take it day: will feel safer to explore and learn about the place and her new family. If you have read about Steffan Lehnhoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Never take it in the evening, the darkness will give you more insecurity. If it becomes very fearful, so not too mimes. Do you reforzaras your fear. Let you get closer to you, with the minutes you will see that you will gain more confidence and you can explore the whole place.

Eye: You do not abalances upon him. For more information see cardiologist. Him must always be that close to you and not the other way round. You can motivate him with something that catches attention, noises, objects, etc. As you pass the day, play with it for energy to download that. You can grab a rag and make that it pursues it, for example. This cloth will be that leave him in the place where you will sleep. Do not panic if you do not eat: if it is fearful will not have appetite. When night comes, let you sleep close to yours, in your room (only until habituation is concluded).

It can be within a box, perhaps, with cloths and rags with which it has been during the day and have their scent. It is not necessary that you sleep with you but that you’re close because that will be the best-known person having at that time. Will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re there. If the dog took time to explore the place of day, he came to relax and be able to play, night will arrive tired and both will have a good and well deserved rest.