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There are many ways to combat the hemorrhoids, there are different solutions, but all work?, some not, each drug has different compounds that Act on these wounds in different ways. Why you then bring some remedies for hemorrhoids, some are able to soothe the pain, and others are so efficient to cure them. Hydrocortisone: Is a drug that is able to help much in the collagen-related illnesses also possesses anti-inflammatory steroidal, along with foods rich in fiber, helps better bowel movements and improve step and formation of excrement, arriving in an acceptable state which considerably decreases the damage of hemorrhoids by having a soft, harmless consistency. Helps to eliminate wounds partially, must be a continuous care. Drugs with lidocaine: Here you can find great variety, but the best are ointments. Among them we find Sheriproct ointment, apply two times a day, preferably after the defecation, because it is an immediate relief due to its anesthetic that has. It has a powerful healing power, rather it is a soothing efficient.

Lubricants: Always before you go to the bathroom, we must apply us certain types of lubricants to improve the passage of stool, and prevent this from being a forceful action that produces harm. We can use oil that we use for cooking, butter of cocoa, or vaseline, but always have the proper cleaning to avoid more infections and the continuous use of remedies for hemorrhoids. As mentioned previously, only help in the output of the stool. Certain habits: Remedies for hemorrhoids are considered because they have proven that carry a different life where we only change small details can improve much on reducing these injuries, here can find: – we can sleep with slightly raised legs, – placing something soft in where we are going to sit – go to the bathroom every time that we sat requirement but not force.