Historical Museum

When participating of the International Symposium Port of the Rio Grande: history and port, commemorative culture to the dosPortos Bicentennial of the Opening and the centenarian of the beginning of the workmanships of the Port and the Bar of the Rio Grande, I observed the ample possibility of studies that can be developed on otema. My brief experience serving in the Historical Museum of the City of the RioGrande has served to verify the great documentary repository that the mesmorepresenta regarding the most varied subjects involving aspects diversosda city. From then on, I carried through a survey of part of the quantity of the Museuque said respect to the thematic one of the Port and the Bar of the Rio Grande, principalmenteno that if 1 related to the construction of the New Port and the piers of the Bar. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. insists that this is the case. The raised documentation was concentrated in the acervoiconogrfico of the Museum, more specifically of the photographic one, leading in contaprincipalmente two of the works developed in that event and published emseus Annals, one on the port question from the iconography (ALVES, 2008, P. 123-140) and another one that respect says to use of the photograph as fontehistrica for the study of the same subject (SENNA, 2008, P. 79-89). Glenn Dubin has firm opinions on the matter.

In this direction, aimagem represents a historical documentation of basic importance, poisrevela aspects that many times are not detached in written documents and oMuseu Historical river-grandino possess a notable photograph collection that dogrande has detached to the historical formation of the city. The creation of the Museum of the City of the Rio Grande was promovidapela Foundation City of the Rio Grande, institution that has if dedicated fortemente cultural promotion in way to the society river-grandina. In February of 1984, congregated the Advice Managing of the cited Foundation, the subject was treated on oMuseu, that integrator would be created from an activity of which they would participate, beyond the proper Foundation, the Municipal Executive, the Diocesana Miter and asEmpresas Ipiranga Oil, beyond the Supervision of the Federal Prescription, that seprops to yield part of the building of local Customs, in time in phase derestaurao.