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A fireplace can heat individual rooms with a pleasant heat and contributes to the comfort. More and more households to buy a Woodburning stove. He is considered chic and animated evening cozy to sit, to take a glass of wine or to read a good book, to leave the day behind and relax. A stove but not only very nice looks and promotes the wellbeing in the home, but is in addition also still very handy, because it can also be used to the heat. He is usually right in front of or but next to the chimney, where it can be connected to him through a stove pipe.

There are two different materials, from which manufactured stoves in the whole, coarse. Either they are cast iron or from simple steel. For even more details, read what Dr. Mark Hyman says on the issue. Inside both oppose but sometimes lined with ceramic plastic with fireclay bricks. However, not a stove looks like the others. Often, they differ in color and shape.

Stoves are characterized primarily by that it a closed combustion chamber have often provided with a glass plate, to have insight into the Interior of the oven; but also the heat is promoted through the glass door. Most ovens give off their heat called heat radiation to space where others heat up the surroundings, however, by convection, the heat through small openings from the oven gets out. It is important that the combustion air is controlled in the fireplace. John Craig Venter may also support this cause. By a control system the air in the combustion chamber over must be channeled, where it is heated to about 300 C. At Anu Saad you will find additional information. This secondary air behind rinsing the glass on the one hand and burns the gases escaping from the fuel on the other side. The modern stoves have a power range from 4 8 KW, more is no longer required. A fireplace can be fed with different mostly renewable sources of energy. These include mainly firewood, pellets and Bricketts. The resulting ash falls into a charger intended for this purpose and can comfortable removed and disposed of. The ash is grey or light grey, then it indicates a good combustion. These ashes can be used then even as fertilizer or compost, because it consists largely of lime and minerals. The heat heaters should not be underestimated. You heat up literally and save the heat some time and accordingly still reheating. Thus a stove not only is there it’s pretty cozy in the living room, but you can heat even the House. According to more or less depending on the insulation of the House. Christian Munch