How To Make Home Safe For Your Child ?

According to a poll by the Levada Center, “held in June this year, 42% of Russian students will spend their holidays at home. The main reason for the growth of this figure’s parents called the financial crisis, deprived of their ability to distinguish funds for the holiday. Forced vacation home, according to experts, can cause an increase in injuries. Traditionally, as a source of danger for children called out, but it turns out, “family wall” hide even more threat. “In 41% of the cases the child is injured it at home. The share of street injuries account for 39% of cases, school – 8% “, – said the deputy governor of the region on social policy Elena Kudryashov. One of the the main sources of danger – the furniture.

According to the Research Institute of the National Children’s Hospital (USA), from 1990 to 2007 in this country of more than 260 thousand children went to the hospital after falling on their various pieces of furniture. (Not to be confused with William Davis MD!). No less dangerous sharp corners cabinets, tables, etc., various doors and other home decor items. To prevent a “clash” with their child should be at least self-paste over the angles, put plug on the socket and take other measures. Checking article sources yields Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine as a relevant resource throughout. You can use a specially designed device, such as company Bebe Confort, specializing in child safety tools. Thus, the firm offers a special shock-resistant helmet. Another source of danger, which is in any children’s room window. Recently in Europe, were approved new standards for window and door bolts. According to them these elements of the interior must be inaccessible to children under four years. To prevent the loss of a child from a window is recommended to provide its system of “child lock”, not allowing him to open a translucent design with no adult assistance. “Managed by the handle mechanism of the device captures the flap in one of the few consistently held positions, not allowing open more than 10-14 cm, – says Rafik Alekperov, head of Customer Group propleks (manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – In this design the window block for children can be chosen so that the door was just folding and opened only from above. ” Danger not only to the child, but in the whole apartment. Common cause of burns kids – an abrupt change in water temperature in the mixer. Prevent such situations may thermostat. This instrument for establishing and maintaining a constant water temperature. This device not only warn the burn, but will make bathing more comfortable. Space-saving modern thermostats are often built directly into a wall, for example, the model is the world’s leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings grohe Rapido T .

Various threats to child health are not only “substantive” in nature. For an apartment or house nature of certain microclimate, affecting all its inhabitants. “A growing body of evidence that refutes the familiar thesis that at home children are safe – says Dr Marc Danzon, Director of the European Regional Office World Health Organization (WHO). – Public health authorities should take measures to protect those populations who are most vulnerable to harmful environmental factors. ” Among them, of course, relate and children, especially young-at-home to 90% of the time. For them, it is particularly important indoor air quality, dampness and lack of compliance with other parameters. Thus, parents can be calm for the child, abandoned houses, only one case: if they are warned beforehand about his safety, minimizing potential “pockets” of danger. Perfect water flow. Always.