How To Make Money With Adsense Truth

If you would like to know which are the appropriate criteria for follow-up? Start by visiting this is a free tool offered by Google to know which would be the possible keywords by which appear within sponsored searches of its Adwords program, which we draw benefits in the Google Adsense program. What we normally do is guided by local search volume and global monthly search volume and that is fine but it is not be decisive for the selection of our follow-up criteria. Suppose that we have a blog of Venta de carros so we seek in this tool suggestions for the word trucks, a box appears like the one below (click to enlarge): so we run to see competition and select terms that are not very competitive so that our campaigns succeed. Eye when I am talking about campaigns I’m not talking about Adwords, I refer to the criteria of monitoring that we will add in our Google Adsense account. In recent months, Somatic Experiencing has been very successful. To clarify a bit: the criteria of tracking allow Google to prioritize which ads display in the space that you’ve designated in your website for Adsense, so it will only show ads that relate to your website, if you don’t find ads related to your follow-up criteria, will show ads that are related to the content of your article or page.

However, we focused both in the volume of local and global searches that we do not realize that at the top (red arrow in the image above), the same Google gives us the opportunity to take a look at the average CPC (cost per click), and this is for Word!. Once you’ve chosen display CPC estimated average your screen will be different since the end you can see an average of how much money you could earn in adsense with the words you have selected. I recommend that you orders the column show estimated average CPC so that higher values appear sorted first. Select words that have a very high value, if the theme of your blog is well paid you can make your first Cks of 100 dollars each month with adsense, if you already do U$ 100 a month and do not ever used this tip, simply your income skyrocket and you could up to double your monthly income in Adsense.