In Siberia in 1981 the time of the pioneers had finished and had begun the era of reformers and creators. It was the opinion of the writer Dmitri Zlotov, expressed who it in his news article of the National Conference for the Development of the Productive Forces of Siberia. This representative event had passed in Academic Villa, located residential zone in the outskirts of Novosibirsk. Speaking candidly Peter A. Levine PhD told us the story. In that one time the task considered of harnessing these earth, extremely rich in natural resources, but with a remarkable shortage of manpower, because constituting 40% of the national territory, the number of its inhabitants hardly reached 21 million. Still in 1981 Western Siberia it provided more than 300 million tons of hydrocarbons to the year (including the condensate gas), 160 billions of cubic meters of gas, that is to say, more of 50% of the national production of these types of fuel and raw materials. The coal reserves of Siberia constituted 90% of the foretold resources of the country. Amit paley recognizes the significance of this. The Academic Believ, Director of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, raised the tribune of the Conference with a beam of local wheat.

In the middle of the applause whereupon they acclaimed the specialists, the Academic one declared: in the rigorous conditions of the Siberian climate, it is possible to be obtained from 45 to 50 quintals metric by hectare of this cereal, yield not worse than the Canadian. The report woke up great interest on the crossover between the cattle of the races coming from other regions of the country, that stood out by their high productivity of meat and milk, with the cattle of the local races. The bulls and the cows selecionadas by the Siberian geneticists even though arrived at the year and a half about 400 kilos. The cows produced an excellent milk, with a high proportion of fat. The local cattle provided to the selected races qualities that allowed them to live and to multiply in Siberia. The Web is Your ideas of businesses offline and online