Job Occupation

Smart Siam limited Launches Job Board for foreigners living in Thailand for expatriates (foreign experts) are rare in Thailand. Unless you are English teachers, English is your mother tongue, and you’re idealistic enough to work (compared to their earnings in their home country) for a low salary. On the other hand, there are jobs for expatriates in the industry, these are however rare and harder to find. The only way to do this is via their own local contacts, or but make exchanges. There are numerous, but listings are either only in Thai written, or in the case of English-language quotations are directed only at Thai nationals. If you search local English job fairs for search terms such as “expat”, “foreigner” or “expatriate”, you will find mainly assistance and Secretariat posts for an expatriate Manager, but rarely expatriate positions. erience with these questions. Without these key terms you’ll find thousands of positions but all with a decisive Qualification criteria: “Thai nationals only!” (only for Thai nationals).

The situation is even worse, if you are in international (not on Thailand specialist) job boards to look around. In the search after a key word such as “Bangkok”, will get surely a few hits, at least if you try it using full-text search, but look carefully! Most of the returned results will show you only a display of a global recruitment agency, which has among other things to provide an Office in Bangkok, but no job (at least not in the job market in your home country). And this scenario affects not only job seekers. As an employer or recruiter you reach the desired candidate, caused by the above mentioned effects, may. Applicants could abandon statement the search in a large job market, due to the umpteenth “you have the wrong nationality” before you reach your tender at all. The situation seems hopeless. And in fact, with the exception of three job boards specializing in English teacher, there was no light on the horizon. SMART SIAM limited addresses this issue and provides a platform between expats and Thai employers.

With we provide a solution as expatriate, recruiter or employer to provide. The basic principles is easy: vacancies are only listed if they are open for expats. Applicant profiles will be accepted only by expatriates i.d.R. No rule without exception: From case to case, we decide on the admission of qualified (returning) Thai nationals with dual citizenship.