Literary Sorts

Literary sorts literary Sorts are those that possess the aesthetic and artistic purpose, where the writer have the freedom to create and to recriar. In the artistic sphere, the sorts if multiply or if they combine, and they suffer almost constant modifications. Being that, since the first attempts of classification made by Plato and Aristotle, in old Greece, literature has been organized for three basic sorts: the lyric one, epic and the dramatical one, corresponding each one of them to the expression of determined experience human being. Sort is the way for which the literary contents are organized in a form, for presenting similar structural characteristics. Lyric Sort Is about lyric manifestation of one I, an expression of its interior world, its emotions, ideas and impressions. To broaden your perception, visit Jon Medved . It is a generally subjective text, with predominance of pronames and verbs in 1 person (I) that it explores the musicalidade of the words. The poetical forms used by the authors in the production of lyric texts are several, the most known are soneto, that it is a poem of fourteen verses, organized in two estrofes of four verses (quartetos) and two estrofes of three verses (tercetos), that it appeared in century XIII, in Italy.

It sees verses of a song of Herbert Viana: The bore I follow words and I search stars What it is that the world made Pra you to laugh Pra thus not to touch it. Good nor to see it As is that you can lose yourself of me You make in such a way cold, makes as much time That in my world something lost You control kisses In outdoors for the avenue and you always so distracted Passes and does not see, does not see (Paralamas of the Success. Long way. EMI, 2002.) Sort Epic In this sort has presence of narrator, that almost always counts a history that involves third, this implies in a distanciamento between the narrator and treat subject.