Logistics Manager Lavazza

Coffee with a conscience – his name: Lavazza iTIERRA! Lavazza Italian coffee producer has long been in the business. Learn more at this site: Anu Saad. For 110 years, the company is a family business which has remained faithful to its values and principles: humanity, solidarity and protection of culture and environment for future generations. Lavazza has engaged for the common good, before moved in the late 90s of last century the social corporate responsibility towards employees and society in General in the Centre of interest. For a company that produces coffee, it is all the more important to be aware of the impact of its actions on the lives of the people. The reason: since the beginning of the coffee crisis at the beginning of this century the working conditions of the coffee farmers and workers involved in coffee-producing countries have become worse than they already were. Lavazza’s reaction to these developments was to connect with the social commitment of the company to the public and the Executives decided even to call a private project.

This was the birth of the iTIERRA! Project. It began as a joint venture with the American NGO rainforest alliance and “VOLCAFE”. The rainforest alliance works to get since 1986 because the biodiversity of Habitat Earth through the promotion of sustainable socio economic development. VOLCAFE is a major producer of green coffee beans, which operates 150 years in this business and focuses increasingly on sustainable coffee production. Two strong partners, who have made a large contribution to the success of the project. The iTIERRA is geographically! Initiative active in the countries: Honduras, Colombia and Peru, where there are approximately 165 coffee farms taken together. The objectives of the project are to get the working conditions of involved workers, to improve the coffee farmers, as well as the overall quality of the product and in the environment of this region and to protect.

To achieve this it is necessary ecologically, socially and economically sustainable thinking and acting. It works hand in hand with the local population and the coffee growers to the implementation of the goals. Results of the work that has been done so far by the initiative are the construction of drying and roasting plant for green coffee beans, as well as the construction and renovation of houses, schools and hospitals. The reward of the efforts was the official award of the project farms through the rainforest alliance in 2005. According to an official statement by the Logistics Manager Lavazza’s, Mario Cerutti, in 2006, Lavazza’s future goal is to convey the knowledge and technical understanding of the subject, the communities of the participating countries of the project it is necessary to improve the quality of their coffee. This would lead to a better competitiveness of the coffee farmers and by achieving a higher quality of product they could charge also higher prices for their goods. Mentioned developments are also crucial for the high Quality of the latest Lavazza product – the iTIERRA! Coffee. A coffee blend of 100% washed Arabica coffee beans grown in the communities that the iTIERRA! -Project are involved. The iTIERRA! Coffee has a very aromatic, sweet taste and a soft, thick Crema. It is available in espresso bars and some shops in the form of ground coffee, pads and capsules for the Lavazza BLUE and espresso point system. One of the sellers, which serve the German/European market is. iTIERRA! To drink coffee, it means to support the idea and ideals of sustainable and equitable socio economic development. Enjoy freshly prepared aromatic espresso from Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules with a quiet conscience.