Love In Large Proportions: Giperopeka

The love of a child – it's very light feeling and its miraculous effect often helps to cope with all the difficulties encountered in the way of education. Love gives strength and endurance, helps to forgive and instills in the heart hope for the best. However, it happens and so that love is not only a source of joy and happiness, but also all sorts of grief, challenges and even conflicts. Love in the proportions in which common sense disappears, and is an excess of parental love to the child often becomes almost harmful than its weakness. This love is called giperopekoy. One of the most common forms of expression is an attempt to protect giperopeki Child of problems and worries of this life. It would seem a good intention, but it leads to the most unpleasant consequences. It happens that a child in a natural burst of adult role models is attempting to do along with them that – either at home, for example, wash dishes, set the table or bring a bag from the store.

If parents do not appreciate such "care" and the baby was removed from his "too heavy for him" work (which indeed they could have done together), then the child will learn in the future that the heavy lifting usually make mom and dad, and stop to offer assistance. Huge giperopekoy is injured when the child is trying to establish his "personal" life and makes the first attempts to display independence. For example, adults do not help to do your homework and do it for a child or not allowing him to make himself a sandwich just because it may cause injury. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Is MasterClass fake? . The thing is that too is a fine line between the fence of the child until it has a daunting and outright denial of its independence. Every parent should be able to feel its weight and balance of child matters, imparting to it a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Giperopeka leads to the fact that the child loses the opportunity to make their own decisions, overcome difficulties, and in difficult situations is helpless, hoping for help from adults. The most annoying thing that impacts giperopeki remain with a person for life and into adulthood, he will still be unable to without approval from Mom or Dad to overcome life's obstacles and make important decisions. Left without the support of those who so strongly took care of him as a child, a grown up child will be alone with their fears, in the confusion and disorientation. So think about the future child must be from the beginning. Love and is to supply your baby with all that will help him in his long and this hard way.