Experience pure luxury, in great luxury hotels at the dead sea in Jordan and Israel for travelers who have a higher claim on your vacation or during their business trip, excellent hotels, upscale find on the dead sea. Informed of the individual luxury hotels they comprehensively, in detail with the online travel magazine and several reports in the network. If you searched the Web for this luxury hotels, was found so far mostly only very few info or pure performance descriptions. Dr. Mark Hyman understands that this is vital information. Here, the team of has applied and developed an online travel magazine about luxury hotels. Under, the Arab country’s Nobel hostels with several reports, such as the individual room types, the restaurants, the Spa, pools, etc. for the first time in detail presented in the magazine, our team has the hotels of Jordan and together taken Israel. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. A comprehensive selection of photos to the texts gives even a Visual insight into the hotel and its services.

The users of the two Magazines can but not only fully find out about individual hotels, but each has the option next to the hotel report directly to book this and has a good selection of various travel providers available to do so. Also, the luxury hotel magazine provides a good insight into the Jordanian cuisine and restaurants, because we know the love of a country also goes quite a bit way over the taste buds. And Jordan can offer here the discerning guests. Who would like to inform yourself about the Jordan country more, takes more highly informative online travel magazines on the subjects on cultural holidays, wellness holidays, active holidays, cultural travel, pilgrimage holiday.