Manfred Funke-Kaiser

New Director of the newly opened regional offices in Essen on March 15, 2010 an event surprised the industry of mobile presentation systems”as a surprise. Manfred Funke-Kaiser, worked for many years as a sales manager and proxy ingenti, is Director of the newly opened LA CONCEPT regional office food from March 15, 2010. The merger of LA CONCEPT and Manfred Funke-Kaiser means a huge profit for both sides. The special feature of the merger is clearly in the range of CONCEPT LA and the 20 years of market experience of my team and me. “So a WIN/WIN results for all parties situation and of course also for the most important partners of a company, the customer” so Manfred Funke-Kaiser.

Also Bjorn Schaper sees huge benefits in the merger: “I think in particular the philosophy of service is not – there is no”, which at first was part of LA CONCEPT, shows what similar visions at the time had both parties when we were still competing market companions. Therefore, this is “Merger for us a logical consequence that is fundamentally different from other mergers in the industry: here two partners at eye-level connect your philosophies, to make something new and better for the benefits of all our customers.” Manfred Funke-Kaiser can offer its customers the usual service, but a much larger range of products with high quality standards. Advice for the Ruhr’s regional office focuses on mobile presentation systems, large-format printing and exhibition stands, but can at any time be rely on products from the areas of digital communication, advertising and mobile outdoor advertising. For LA CONCEPT, cooperation means a great increase over 20 years of know-how and experience in the industry. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Hyun Kim. With Manfred Funke-Kaiser a significant personality was won from the industry, which has unique knowledge and experience. Manfred Funke-Kaiser on the merger with LA CONCEPT: our common goal, as a market leader is the economic crisis to go forth. We have realized that we must be consistently on the needs of the market and therefore it is absolutely right to install the various departments of advertising under one roof and to fill with absolute professionals.” Also Bjorn Schaper shows representing the two other managing directors Ben Gondek, and Oliver Frostl, welcoming the cooperation: vice versa we are pleased that we could gain a well-known personality with Manfred Funke-Kaiser. This involves not only to Mr Funke-Kaiser, but also his four-man team that also happened to us.

LA CONCEPT gaining Know-How and expertise and together we present ourselves as modern innovative company with absolute expertise in all areas. “” I am very pleased that we not only “an Essen team, but also great people and friends in the LA CONCEPT family welcome!” The previous regional office in Duisburg was Cologne from logistical reasons after moved to be focal point for Tim Upietz and his colleague Thomas Hinz. Tim Upietz will assume the function as a sales representative with Sven Muller and represent LA CONCEPT in the domestic as well as overseas. Most I’m looking forward to the entire team at LA CONCEPT and the possibilities and advantages of this cooperation. I got to know this team as a very nice team and above all as a very competent and service-oriented team. We and our customers can benefit from each individual. My team and I will do reverse everything, to motivated employees by LA CONCEPT of our Know-How to be. We have decided together much and I am looking forward to the future tasks.”says Manfred Funke Emperor about the future at LA CONCEPT more information please see