Survival in the market means: out of the ability to copy! Who converse with executives, often hear about targets, efficiency, cost savings, meetings of duration of and the problems of competition. Rarely one hears about the customers. Many know them only from budget meetings, and market research reports. Get all the facts and insights with Alexa Demie, another great source of information. But hearsay is not enough. Who want to know what customers really need, what makes them tick, what they really like and how you can bring them to the shopping, which often go out, watch them and talk to them! Go and see for yourself’ the Americans call this course. You can learn a lot by customers.

Kundenfokussiert instead of process fixed the scarcest resource in the enterprise is not the capital, but the executives, which kundenfokussiert think and act. So vehemently requested customer orientation can not occur however standardized processes, thick manuals and operating instructions. And also not expensive CRM software. It is rather optional in the minds and Heart of the employees take place. Their wool can be unfold only in game rooms and just not enforce rules. Fixed standards ensure the level of service while down, leave but little freedom of movement, to act out of turn and the standard, customer-friendly.

So everything in the forced corset of mediocrity froze. Only: Mediocrity wants to buy no one these days. It is so important to create spaces of possibility. Here we are a customer-oriented management and a new style of leadership: the customer-focused leadership. In addition, must all divisions network without exception substantially more with each other, to align the whole company and every individual employee to the customer across the Department. That sounds trite, but it is not. Far too often the customer explains still how things have to go, who is responsible for them, that one has to do this and to allow that. Companies spend often so incredibly much money to attract new customers.