If you just buy new products, but have you noticed that does not fit in your House, the best thing you can do is rent a portable minibodega, which you can place on the site where you need it. Different articles can be stored in a portable minibodega ranging from small objects such as kitchen utensils to automobiles. Some miniwarehouses measures ranging from 6, 9,12 up to 15 m2. Some tips to know what and how to store in one portable minibodega are as follows: make a list at home of everything that you are going to buy to store on your laptop minibodega. Ideally, think how going to consume those products and in what part of the minibodega are you going to replace. He thinks that you must put items that more you use less to the front and those who back. This will give a greater organization. Hygiene is the most important thing if you think storing cooking utensils.

Before storing any Bowl look at that it is clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew. Seeks to always having an order by priority, which using with greater frequency put it at your fingertips. For tableware and glasses, place a layer of material for packaging both at the bottom and at the top of boxes containing glassware. All glassware items should be wrapped individually with cushions. Extended dishes should be packed vertically. To know more about this subject visit Anu Saad. With respect to the vessels, seeks to save them already wrapped on top of boxes and mark all those containing glassware. As for bicycles and other metal items you can retard rusting if you clean all metal surfaces with a damp cloth. Books and documents.

To prevent damage to the books pack them horizontally. Use pallets to prevent them from absorbing moisture. Avoid storing fragile items in the box containing the books because they may break. Clothing, curtains, linens and blankets. Use hooks to store this kind of articles. You can purchase a portable wardrobe to place it inside the minibodega and hence put on clothes. Avoid items that they may attract pests. If you are going to store furniture places a dais, a corrugated cardboard mat or a plastic on the floor. Then place sofas and mattresses of foot. This will allow you to make the floor of the minibodega do not scratch. Christmas decorations. In this type of more objects is worth that you save the original boxes so that you can save them with comfort. Wind series of lights around a piece of cardboard and then put them in a box lined on the inside with paper for packing.