Modern Western Man

What you need to know the modern, Western man of the chakras. For practical use. The perfect man is he who is able to move through all the chakras without interference. Osho. Heart Sutra Sanskrit word chakra (wheel, circle) was familiar term in modern Western languages, though few have a complete idea of what chakras are and how much of this knowledge is good. The word so rinky-dink, that many people do not want to hear about it, considering it hoax or, at best, that from these chakras common man "neither cold nor hot." Full knowledge of the nature of the chakras long concealed from the uninitiated, may properly, all the time, and quite difficult to set out in interpretations of Eastern spiritual schools and tudno zapodnomu comprehensible to man. But the essence remains the same. The chakras are, they need to know about and can work with them, receiving from them.

Here are basic and necessary concepts of nature of the chakras and simple ways of influencing them. Man is not only the physical body, but as a minimum, and energy. It is no longer disputed, after the mainstream agreed. The energy body has shape of an egg, this egg are nineteen energy, electromagnetic centers. Seven of them are major and twelve – of secondary importance.

These centers are sources of energy or the start of taper vortices, which appear on the surface energy of the body. This is the chakra. About four minor chakras located in the palms of the hands and feet are well aware of all those involved in Reiki.