Moscow Warehouses

Today, the offer of rent warehouses of Moscow region close to the mark of 1000 thousand square meters. m. Nevertheless, despite the significant increase of proposals rent warehouse space, still exists the problem of lack of quality storage for small and medium-sized businesses. The main demand is for warehouse space to 5 thousand square meters. m.

But the majority of deals are just a segment where the lessee requires the premises from 10-20 thousand square meters. m and more. This is due to the fact that developers are much more profitable to rent out a warehouse a large enterprise, even the state, rather than several firms. Average rented warehouse space – 20 thousand square meters. m. Such large volumes are related to that as a rule, logistics companies are interested in size from 50 thousand square meters. m and in the general stream with their own tenants and averaged figures turn out to be high. If you decide to rent a warehouse to rent in one of new projects, the choice between renting warehouses of class A and B have to do easier.

For small companies are more efficient should be considered Class B. It differs from a fact that during its construction can save the expense of height ceilings, quality, sex, number of entrances, and proper storage facilities for this in no way inferior to the above class. Class B can be considered as an intermediate step for the company. The volume of leased Class A warehouse premises begins from 5 thousand square meters.