Nano Sealing On The Car – The Clean Solution

Does a Nano sealing on the car make sense? When a Nano sealing on the car nanoparticles be applied on surfaces of the car, such as on rims, glass and paint. This creates a thin, invisible layer Nano polymer. Nano sealing attachment is made difficult by dirt. The water flow is improved, and many parts of the car are easier to clean. Through the many Nano polymers, small and smallest bumps are smoothed so contamination due to oil, grease and dust just roll off. Nano sealing can contribute significantly to the cleanliness of the vehicle. The end result is better to length, if the Nano sealing is carried out by professionals. Even if the price of the coating is slightly higher, as if even hand is applied, the cost for car wash, wax and Polish can be saved in the long run.

In the long run a Nano seal always pays off. The cost of a professionally conducted coating start at about 300 euros. The coating process takes usually about eight hours. The most specialized companies guarantee by two to three years of the seal. Who decides to perform the coating of the own car itself, you should use a high-quality product in any case. Should be followed exactly the instructions of the manufacturer, because it is otherwise not ensured that the Nano sealing produced the desired effect. The substance should intervene as long as the corresponding manufacturer.

After the coating process of paint must then be polished may, so that the substance of the nano can better penetrate the structure. Old sealers must be removed completely the same applies to new cars. Best a varnish cleaner is used to remove old layers. The prices for Nanoversiegelungs sets vary widely, and not every product available on the market will bring the desired effect. The prices range between ten and one hundred euro. To get a real long-term protection, but should include the services of a professional to complete. After the thorough Cleaning coated parts of the car the Nano substance is applied and organize themselves to the desired structure. This phenomenon is known as “Lotus Blossom”effect. Pattering rain the slices treated with Nano substance can have nothing more the drops roll off easily and preserve including the windshield wipers. Not only of the paint and the window panes of the car can be treated with Nano substance, also the Interior of the car can be protected by a coating with Nano polymers. The upholstery of the car are as well as all plastic parts. The coating works dirt repellent so deleted the weekly car wash, and when it rains existing dirt particles are washed away. In this way the car washes in a sense even, because the rain drops off the paint adhere, but repelled. Nano sealing reject also acids. Also protects against atmospheric agents, bird droppings and aggressive UV radiation. Oleaginous products on silicone or acrylic are some Used car owners to the coating of the car, but the lifetime of such products by far not to a Nano sealing can reach. In addition, a Nano seal when compared to the above mentioned products is also environmentally friendly. In addition to use in cars are Nano sealings in the sanitary area, House facades and implants.