New Office Building

Moving to the new office building is imminent for a majority of the over 200 employees of resident for 23 years in Jena Office market Bada AG (, a move to the new offices of the cultivation is expected to be mid-December. The constant growth of the online mail order dealer necessitated the cultivation to 14,400 m on a total of 20,400 m with new office complex and new logistics hall with State of the art logistics. Here, a large number of new articles find their place next to new employees. In the new warehouse, the current items in stock can be increased significantly which the ever-growing number of customers can be supplied (currently over 500,000) just-in-time. In the online shop currently about 25,000 different listed articles will rise in the next two years to about 45,000 articles. Currently running the operation of the conveyor system, first cartons carried already in test operation using the equipment. Read more here: Dr. Mark Hyman. Also the new plots are used to storage now, much too close to the to compensate for that storage capacity. The Office market Bada AG counts today to the largest online mail order dealers for supplies in Germany and is can the construction continue to expand their lead.

Also this year the Office market Bada AG has achieved a significant increase in revenues over the previous year and is expected to finish the year 2013 with an increase of about 12 per cent to over 80 million euros. This growth is the general decline in the Office supplies industry. The online mail order dealer is one of the few providers that can recorded a rise in revenues. In the online shop Office customers expect not only discounts for many Office supplies, but also weekly super cheap offers under the category of action article ( bueroartikel.html). But also permanently low prices, such as for example 1,99 Euro net for 500 sheets copy paper, the company new customers make interesting. The satisfaction is reflected among other things in the given 5-star over 1,000 reviews on the Internet platform customers. Numerous positive reviews at trusted shops characterized the provider of office supplies for the highest customer satisfaction.

In addition the online shop has been appointed in September 2011 from the independent portal test winner in the online trade of office supplies, as well as by the German Institute for service quality to the test winner with the lowest prices in the test of 13 online office markets. This year, there was a with an industry analysis for Office required mailers of AUSGEZEICHET.ORG among other things very well”for the quality of the service and website. Whiteboards are versatile, whether for home or for the Office. Ideal notes, such as Doctor appointments, or topics of a meeting, to hold. The writing can be easily wiped off and on the metal models, you can also tie with magnets for example sticky notes or cards. The whiteboards are there in varied dimensions and finishes at the Office market Bada AG. ( Artikelsuche_whiteboard, b-whiteboard.