Pedagogic Directive

Summary the exposition has debated the position of the evaluation of design institucional in the educative pedagogia of the individuals. It considers the importance of the evaluation of the planning of design institucional a directed pedagogia to collect and to catequizar individuals the education institution. It analyzes the paper of avaliativas actions of investigativo character in the practical activities of design, to assure the quality of the final material, as well as a form to legitimize the institucional education. It concludes using the data of the presented experience to stimulate ampler quarrel on the formative evaluation continued in design and development of similar materials being used a directive pedagogia and. Words keys: Evaluation, institucional Design, Directive Pedagogia, Criteria, Critical Reflection. 1. INTRODUCTION Our research had demonstrated the presence of indissociveis points in the surrounding evaluation of design institucional in the educative pedagogia of the individuals.

In other words, the aspects quantitative they support the movements analytical that materialize the boarding of the qualitative dimension of the study. The way of construction of the text cut here is opportune register of its some movements: survey in the vestibule of coordination of perfectioning of staff of superior level (CAPES) the studied references gifts and had more been: Meira (2003), Perrenoud (1993), Brave (2003), Scriven (1983), Martino (2003), Duncum (2002b), Chalmers (2005), Chapman (1967); Lanier (1966); Mcfee (1961) Freedman & Stuhr (2004), Scriven (1983). As well as recent works in the scope of design informative of institutions of superior education it has in the come across one with some questionings on the best form to plan and to develop this technique. Design institucional is mentioned in this plan to ' ' systematic planning based in principles of the communication, education, learning, leading to a reflection of one ferramenta&#039 forms innovator of if projecting this; '. A product elaborated with the function to inform of educative way, if consolidates in the expectation of good fruits for education institution, in an attempt of integration to get a real profit with new academics, the institution at this moment exploitation all the potential of the informative medias for an efficient communication.