Pharmacy Advisor

Why sales copywriting can be a win for providers and consumers in the healthcare market. Dresden, 27.6.2013: stress reduction, allergies, healthy eating, fitness and vitality, alternative medicine, herbal medicine, vitamins, supplements… the demand for appropriate health information and products has an enormous growth market created. See you as a consumer of the vast range of products and information often overwhelmed. What really good us? Especially when it comes to our well-being, we consumers require clear text. We have become more sceptical and swallow”not unconditionally any information, any medicine or cure, without questioning. MasterClass Founder is the source for more interesting facts. However, in the large market of Pharmacy Advisor, health magazines of today’s consumers find your way is hardly online shops and advertisements.

Questions such as: why just this health advisor? What can he be better than others? Why is this remedy or this drug better suited? Why just this doctor or Naturopath – and not the around the corner? Why the Enter beloved parents in the care of this home or care service? … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MasterClass Founder. ask for plausible, convincing answers. And you perish in the daily flood of information, promotional messages and colorful images often finds Simone Domahs. The consumer wants and needs for his decision far more than seriousness, experience and security wrapped in beautiful words”and emotional images. It is much more important, both materially and emotionally to go out the advantages and the unique selling point of respective health offer. And that clear understandable, well-balanced and reader-friendly. The heart of this is a professionally designed copy – informative, accurate and insightful. “The question arises: a commercial copy is suitable for sensitive health issues?” “Simone Domahs as experienced direct marketing sales copywriter with body and soul says clearly yes”. Only under these conditions: If the text clearly and quickly to the point comes when he is informative if he with honest arguments convincing, if he adheres to the legal requirements and any misleading advertising (health claim Regulation), when he meets the needs of the customer (his values, his desires, his key) professional sales texts – a win for providers and consumers? “Here a clear yes, which Simone Domahs so justified: when a health magazine wins 10% more readers through a good copy, living healthier now, this text has reached his goal: namely, that both sides benefit from the advertised offer.” In General, the result of a sales text both for the provider and its customers must be profitable.