Robomow Special Edition: A Football, The Lawn Mowing

The World Cup year: limited football Edition of new Robomow RL2000 robotic lawn mower. Speichersdorf, March 23, 2010: the football World Cup in South Africa will start In June. All garden owners who want to better track the games of the German national team as mow their lawn, can leave this work to the robot lawn mowers, Robomow. Matching to the World Championship there is him now in the stylish football design: Raj Sachdev GmbH, specialist supplier of garden equipment, presented the limited Special Edition 2010 of the new model RL2000, which is available in stores now. Not only on the football field, but also in the own garden a well manicured lawn is essential. Who wants this, but does not have time for regular mowing is now active help. While the garden owners enjoy the World Cup, maybe even in the garden, and fingers crossed the German national team, is the Robomow to work and mows the lawn.

All Robomow models mow automatically and work with electricity. They are therefore environmentally friendly and relieve of strenuous mowing. According to the motto “he mows, you don’t”, the user has more time for family, hobby, friends or professional. The mower battery is empty, it is independently during a charging station. Thanks to rain sensors, it retracts when it rains there. While the unit operates quietly, eco-friendly, low energy consumption and emission-free. Also annoying catcher clearing and disposal of food nobody should worry, because the Robomow very small cut back across the lawn the grass. This thrives at the same time and improves its quality. More information on the Robomow models, see.