Season Coming

He answered to Guardiola, who on Friday said that it promised no title. PEP said that Barca is the same candidate as 20 teams in the League. Mourinho responded with serious tone and repeated the message several times. The Portuguese Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid coach, assured a day once the coach of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, make sure that it promises not to win any title, Real Madrid team’s objective is to get the permanence. Let’s Peel to continue next season in the first Division. To see if we have forty points to follow at first, said Mourinho press conference at the ciudad deportiva de Valdebebas, in Madrid. To the surprise at the statement by Mourinho, who directs a team aspiring to the title, he was asked about what had been stated and repeated the message with a serious face.

Until we have 40 points or more the aim is permanence. To see if we make as quickly as possible because then we will have them other objectives. At the moment we have six points and are few, we must add fast until we get the stay, he said. Source of the news: Jose Mourinho: “We will fight to continue the season that comes first”