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Pro bewandern with the digital phone card to the 108 to the German hiking venue: Soisdorf on the DGH, Vachaer road, around 10: 00. Have you already heard about Sunday, the 20.4.2008? Your phone can more than just make phone calls and take pictures. With the program of LiveWorld, a software company in the Rhon offers gistum, the solution. Your mobile phone becomes the digital hiking guides. You will receive not only a digital phone card, but navigating your hikes thanks to the integrated GPS support and information even about places of interest, or where you can go almost in passing. And the most important: you no longer get lost! gistum this digital phone card has developed German hiking for the 108, which takes place in the summer of 2008 under the auspices of the Rhon Club in the Rhon. Already in the run-up to organize gistum and the Rhon Club Pro hikes with the digital phone card.

Also guests and other establishments in the Rhon have until the middle of may the way to deal with text and To present image contributions in a mobile map. Fulda in February and at the end of March Sudrhon at stake after the first successfully completed per hikes in April with two further hikes in the Hessisches Kegelspiel and the Vorderrhon. PRO HIKES appointment of the 3rd is sample hike along the route as announced at the German hiking: Sunday, the 20.4.2008 is the Rhon Club hike KE4 (Hessisches Skittles) to the King of the bowling game tour 12 km. Soisdorf – Soislieden – Mansbach – Soisdorf. Backpack food, if necessary retreat Rhon Club hut of the ZV Eiterfeld. Meeting place: Soisdorf on the DGH, Vachaer road, around 10: 00. Date of 4 sample hike along the route as is announced in the German hiking day: Sunday, the 27.4.2008 involves the Rhon Club VO1 (Vorderrhon) walk to the panoramic mountain high building circular hike 14 km: Gebagipfel Julius Griffin circuit Rhon peace place building Wilhelmsruh – envy Hardt head Gebagipfel.