Social Assistance

Children and Adolescents of street are found in traffic lights, estacionamentos and esquinas, abandoning, asking for aid to survive in way to disqualification of life, whose exactly they do not control the consequences that can occur to it, for being displayed to the crime, abuse and marginalizao. We know that this is a situation historical, where individuals in way to the society total economist, conservadorista, prejudiced and consequentemente self-centered, where it only centers the bargain to above all conquer and to gain money and of all. However, these menosprezados citizens manufacturers of an epidemic of the failure social, being able tie to evolve for a marginalizao, are anchored not only the lack of aid and public support of the agency and the society in general as well as unhappyly the disdain, for being in a platform below of the classrooms of auto-sustainable. Our work will go to show that the accompaniment in question is of responsibility of the CREAS Child and Adolescent? Specialized center of Reference of the Social Assistance, that, in turn, while politics publishes is conducted by ITS? Only system of the Social Assistance. The structure of this agency and the activities that it are pertinent find if in phase of implantation and construction for being about a service just installed in the city, having its beginning of functioning in May of 2009. Our actions guided for ITS had been consolidated, however, are a challenge of each city to adapt the service its reality, in agreement with the real necessities of its demand. According to article 4 of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, is to have of the family, the community, the school in general and of the Power I publish to assure, with absolute priority, the efetivao of the referring rights to the life, the health, the feeding, the education, to the sport, to the leisure, the professionalization, the culture, the dignity, the respect, the freedom and the familiar and communitarian convivncia.