How wonderfully we are all connected spiritually, is not it? Meetings, even in Noether, are never random. And – one – I wish you courage, and always, always, feel God's presence! Of course, God has no chance! I had also sat without Internet, more 'engaged in a'. No one spoke, to minimize all contact. And it helped me go deeper, to consider themselves part. But then I realized that all around there are wonderful people. And that dialogue – this is only a benefit, if there is a conversation about things soul-saving. And talking too, can bring benefit to each other.

The main thing – we moved to love. We will arm themselves with prayer, thickening your armor! The enemy does not sleep, but we will also strengthen our position, to multiply our efforts. We will take peace in our soul, the kingdom of God within us strength! And Lord help us. I had suffered from lack of faith, but most do not want it. We will truly trust, we have unwavering faith, we hope for the grace of God and not ashamed! Help us Lord!