Spring / Summer 2005 Makeup Trends Beauty

Natural, radiant skin Yes, summer is upon us, which means less emphasis on hiding under layers of foundation, concealer and powder and focusing instead on the natural beauty of our skin. This is all very well for those blessed with perfect, clear skin, but for the rest of mortals, help is at hand! With proper use of foundation and blusher that "peaches and cream" / "English rose" radiance can be yours this summer. Foundation should be as light and dewy as possible. Apply a liquid or cream base with egg yolks, and mix with a sponge for a perfect finish. Foundation used sparingly and only when necessary. Certain areas of the face – forehead, nose and chin – of course, requires more coverage of the cheeks.

Blush should be applied first to the apples of the cheeks and then backward and upward, using beams of light. Click josh harris devils to learn more. To keep your skin radiant and glowing, be sure to use a good exfoliant, to remove dead skin cells mate and reveals new skin for a brighter complexion. Follow this with an SPF moisturizer suitable for your skin type, taking into account that many people can use a cream or lotion slightly lighter in the summer months is required in winter. What's in: complexion perfectly natural. What's out: heavy sunscreen and fake tan. This summer will be all about pale, milky skin with a touch of blush on the cheeks and nose.

Think pinks and peaches of skin tones and light golden bronze for darker skin. Nude lip gloss After the winter to cover bold lips in shades, his time of leaving the lip liner and red lipstick Vampy for a more brilliant light. The lips are more delicate and understated in this season, I think pure tints lip glosses in shades of pink and peach for skin pale and golden bronze hues darker skin. The appearance must be very fresh and unpretentious. Color test Surge Impossibly Clinique lip bright colors, or Estee Lauder pure color crystal gloss. For extra cover and long lasting color apply moist eyes Rogue Lancome juicy, with a little "doll", the newest addition to the juicy collection tube worship. As with the makeup look, preparation is key, so invest in a lip exfoliant and begin to implement a good and not petroleum based lip balm frequently to kissably soft lips! Liner Bright bold n 'In line with previous trends makeup there is much emphasis on the eyes this spring. However, this season's emphasis has shifted to eye liner, and the larger and brighter the better. Reinventing the night-time look by lining the eyes with kohl or liquid liner in turquoise intense, rich purple, blue or eggplant. These work especially well with a touch of sparkle to open and draw attention to the eye. I recommend Bobbi Browns Long Use gel eyeliner applied with an eyeliner brush, so you can intensify the eye as much as you want. You can also try MAC pigments, which come in a full range of colors and textures. Faithful followers of kohl pencil, try Lancome Crayon Khol in 019 Jules Le bleu, a blue Aqua-Soft or Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Liner 18 Violet iRise, lilac vibrant fuchsia. Finally, for all the fans in the eyes of line out there, Make-Up Forever liquid eyeliner color, thanks to its ultra-fine tip applicator, will give a highly pigmented pearlescent finish. Nicola Hickey-Crowe, makeup artist.