State Institution

The people want to contribute confident that its donation well will be managed. Budgets, objectives and justifications will have well to be elaborated and deliver to the potential giver. The necessary social assistant still to place resources to make the institucional marketing the point to attract investors, guaranteeing the promotion of change of life of the aged ones in the institution, improves in the quality of health life, feeding, education, generating valid social transformation. For this it is necessary to make use of the communication in the spreading of the institution, being spread out its image and giving visibility the same one. Divulging given, indicating social and comparative pictures. The State divides with the civil society the responsibility to construct ways for the social development, making use of three forms of partner with the same that they are: accords, partnerships and contracts of management, to compose part of the necessary resources for the development of the considered works, for the overcoming of the mere executive performance, demanding the social assistant ability to always surpass the preset routines and activities innovating and if surpassing for a work with bigger quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Additional information is available at Mark Hyman, MD. To work in an institution of the third sector for improvement of the quality of life of aged devoid, in the sample that the paper of the ONG is not only to substitute the State in the execution of public politics, but to walk it together with.

We know that the organized civil society must remain exerting control, together with the beneficiaries of its services. Where all the work must be made in favor of the proper aged community. So that it has changes from the moment where the population to start if to organize in intention to change the social reality of that excluded parcel and abandoning. This type of institution must beyond considering activities as: swimming (if it had swimming pool), walked (in the public ways), aerbica with, for example, voluntary pupil of physical education in the institution, To learn and to teach the diverse forms of artesanato, culinria and music; to consider that these programs are extended the familiar ones of the benefited public, believing not to be possible to develop a social program without working the family as a whole.