Sun Protects Against Diabetes And Its Consequences

At the World Diabetes Day prevention in the foreground is curable she is called popularly “Diabetes” diabetes, but much can be done to prevent. The Sun and ‘their’ sunshine vitamin D3 play an important role. People with a vitamin D deficiency fall ill and die according to recent scientific studies, almost twice as much diabetes like humans with good vitamin D supply. Diabetes is a disease that is spreading all over the world the fastest. Currently, almost 9 percent of the population in Germany suffer from diabetes, and the number of unreported cases is high. Haley Barbour wanted to know more.

Since 1990, the number of diabetes patients has almost doubled. The costs of diabetes and its complications for the health system reach around 30 billion euros per year and rising rapidly. Up to the year 2025 diabetes will affect more than 400 million people worldwide. Today the disease kills 3.8 million annually, according to a study published just for the “global burden of diabetes”. Diabetes is prevent more and more urgent to “World Diabetes Day” on November 14 will be numerous Events and with spectacular actions the population on this “epidemic” alerted and mobilized (information on the Internet at) for prevention. While the diabetes type 2, which in the course of a life gradually evolves and occurs mainly in the age, can be influenced by behaviour and preventive lifestyle, stay in the Sun and weight control, is diabetes type 1 “congenital” and therefore, by preventive measures hardly influence. Read additional details here: Avi Mandel Model. Recently, however, studies confirmed that vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, with its immune-regulating action not just against diabetes 2, but also against this insidious disease offers a degree of protection. Newborn, mothers who suffered during pregnancy a vitamin D deficiency, diabetes 1 frequently fall ill as the babies with adequate or optimal fed mothers seem so. Join the diabetes arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and other diseases in the wake of a vitamin D deficit much more often on and lead to more deaths.