Health Benefits of Swimming

Then really see the benefits of swimming for the human body. The advantage of swimming for twenty minutes with regard to running during the same time is that while running can almost all over the world and swimming is not, worth learn how to swim properly (see our course) as much, are benefits, equal time, but much larger. (See benefits of swimming) Now let’s a training planning so that you learn to do it yourself. The first thing is the goal: lose weight. It is therefore necessary to use the third energy system. Fulfilling its principles we must keep swimming more than 20 minutes on each leg. On the other hand it is necessary to achieve the goal of 2000 nadados metres. If possible, vary the styles to make the exercise different muscle groups. Suppose also that you can only go to the pool on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And therein dwell time is one hour. Then we could plan a workout like this: months of training: 3. weeks: 3 x 4 = 12. 12 X 3 = 36 days. Every day we could make about 1000 metres in the first month, 1500 in the second and 2000 meters in the third. It is necessary to gradually increase the volume of training. Believe it or not, the training time will be almost equal therefore to increase their resistance as You swimming faster, without getting tired much. For example, maybe the first month to swim 1000 meters in twenty minutes. Already the second month will do in 18 minutes. The third month can drop to 17 or 16.30. So it saves time and you can swim more meters or simply terminate before.

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