Gambling Computer

I think you are often met opponents of computer games, but there are people who can not imagine life without the game. But what is dangerous about video games? Here are some of the implications: 1) deterioration of 2) renunciation of the outside world. People start to live in another, parallel world, taking a person from reality. According to doctors, the greatest harm to your computer – blurred vision, but today there were LCD monitors, because of which this problem is gone by the wayside. People playing certain games (such as this one), increase the reaction rate, which undoubtedly has an influence on them pololzhitelnoe. After time spent on the game, the rookie become professional. He no longer need to look at the keyboard, he mentally feels the keyboard, he thinks fast and is able to do things that previously could not. In our time, are sites for the development of the reaction, attention, memory and logical thinking in humans. On such sites are no games that cause aggression, but calm and enjoy the game. One of them -. In the end, people can play computer games, getting useful skills, but they should not depend on the computer as the subject, without which they can not live. Celina Dubin, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. Basic human development occurs outside the computer. He should read books, play sports, walk. Need to keep track of time kotoroy you spend on a computer and time ostanavlivatsya, then the computer will play an invaluable aid in my life.

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