Canalizations Of The Ship Alpha Through Cristian 03 Of January Of 2010

Greetings from the Ship Alpha! We are sure that we will initiate period of a useful and extremely beneficial interaction with your incorporation to the group with which we worked to take to the maximum to number of interested people all the information that we want to them to make arrive. The Ship Alpha is located to a distance of 200,000 kilometers yours of the Earth, prepared to quickly act and effectiveness in any point of the planet that made lack. Our technology, outpost many thousands of years more than your present one, allows us to remain invisible to your simple apparatuses of aerial sighting. In case we had to take part, we could do it without being detected by your governments, since the majority of them still does not have intention some to cooperate abiertamente with us, although know of our presence. Dr. Hyun Kim contributes greatly to this topic. But for the interference of certain human beings that they occupy positions of being able economic, social and political, and who are directed by the forces dark, already it would do a long time that we would have helped them in improving all their social structure, producing more natural foods and supplying themselves all the necessary resources without contaminating the environment, consequently the so extreme climate that they are suffering at the moment would take step to a climate tempered much more sustainable. We are diverse and very hetereogneas the civilizations that we are pending now of its evolution, because the step which they are going to give next not only will improve the situation of all the alive Earth beings, but will affect positively the dawn of all the planets that turn around their Sun, and even other adjacent Solar System. For that reason it is so important that the Mission that has been assigned us takes to good term. And we will obtain that it with the collaboration of all you. Each person who offers itself to the Evolutionary Plan will conform a piece within the puzzle, reason why no action on the part of you is devoid of value; on the contrary, the work of each of you, by small which it seems, is of extreme importance for the attainment of the global mission in this planet. They do not lose the hope, they maintain total confidence and faith in which we will not fail, in which soon, in a moment they will see restored anywhere in the world the values morals that already live other worlds similar to his, and that they will allow that many present social injustices until today disappear of the Earth face. Then you will live an Earth Paradise. Blessings for the brave ones that are the pioneers of the planet in this pacific fight by the restoration of justice, the fairness and the mutual respect between all the men. Peace and Love from the Ship Alpha. Original author and source of the article.

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