Carver useful later and the other a chisel width of 20-25 mm, which is less sharp edge angle (20-25 ). This chisel is designed to work on her blow mallet or for rough work when you need to remove the large mass of wood chisels while promoting lean forward with its effort down as a lever. In this If too spicy and delicate chisel blade will break, and more plastic – bend. All straight chisels, especially medium and large, have rounded corners blade (Fig. 1). Straight chisel with distinct angles apply only to the geometric carving. The line of the blade should be slightly convex. It is desirable to have a chisel width of 5 and 8 mm, respectively, made of Needle file and a screwdriver, sharpened rounded, with strongly convex cutting edge and stochennymi angles. They are convenient for working in narrow and deep sinuses crafts. The same chisel, but with a wider blade, and is useful when working mallet, when the workpiece is attached to rough shape the future thread crafts. After treatment with a chisel to sharpen its terms completely by hand in a bar, quite hard. Thus it is necessary to adhere to the rules: drive on the bars throughout stochennoy plane chisel (bevel), not to increase its angle of slope, ie, not from a desire to lift the handle as soon as possible to sharpen the cutting edge. This error will lead to a loss of angle grinding and cutting as a tool to decrease.

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