Kerstin Becker

Who not is reminded of the past doomed to repeat it!”quoted band and says: progress is without memory not possible!” Band wants that the historic images are not lost. For this reason, it is important and right, that at this point in the German history is remembered, as I find in an impressive way!…With a presence that no one can resist. John Craig Venter often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The knowledgeable will recall at the sight, the ignorant be provoked to the questions, and there will be a dialogue of generations”said district mayor band. The district mayor recalls continue: on October 2, 1990, a feast of the Association took place at this point. This was also the root for a partnership of the district Tempelhof (now Tempelhof-Schoneberg) and Landkreis. Zossen (today district Teltow-Flaming)” Band continues: we must shape the future of the country on equal footing together! We are a people!” District peer Giesecke reminds in his greeting of the reason why this party here takes place. It was on October 2, 1990, where the Festival is at the former border crossing for refuse collection vehicles The poor were citizens from East and West. 20 years fall of the wall, a generation is 20 years. Me I’m running today is still a shower back down when I go long at this point with the car and I looking forward, it works today. This artwork to be occasion for the an and another child, that it asks the parents, why it’s there? Thus the work of art will give us all knowledge and identity.” The artist explains that when you come on the B 96 from the East and travels to Berlin Lichtenrade, you have a closed look and with the figures a different remote and close effect is created. If you are coming from Berlin, has the more open view. As pedestrians and cyclists it is able to win a different impression from all sides. The musical setting for the speeches to the unveiling of the monument was designed by the music school of the district Teltow-Flaming. The rock band LIFT from Dresden gives visitors on this quite interesting as an alternative – fairground, to conclude Water and wine”and other beautiful ballads. A beautiful monument and a successful, happy and dignified celebration at the former inner German border on the outskirts of the city of Berlin, Mahlow, Lichtenrade in front! Thomas Moser Baird-press / photos ( for further reports in the Internet newspaper of Lichtenrade: 1) Kerstin Becker’s design won:…/ monument before – sparse Rade… 2.) notice of the ceremony:…/ 20 years wall ffnung.htm 3) Press Conference with district administration, district mayor and artist…/ 6-november-2009… Kerstin Becker artist website: website by LIFT: home.htm

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