The Air

But after, ill serious cough, obviously refers to pneumonia and died when the boy was not yet, and six months. Investigation of the remains of a woman showed that she really, shortly before the death of a baby, but it's an absolute miracle, because she had a congenital uterine scientific language – Children's womb. It was not supposed to not what to give birth, she should never have been even to conceive a baby. Even today – it's impossible! A shaman, apparently, made a miracle with runic symbols and spells. Who died on his left hand was a bracelet of silver, which had nasecheny two aforementioned runes. And how many birch bark manuscripts, which are described as warriors, protected by runic talismans, survived after receiving many wounds, some of which were fatal. Or as shamans draw his wand in the air before him, runic symbols were in the burning Eelam (home) and took out, young children and frail elderly, remaining completely intact. And yet, there are many narratives about how to use certain runes painted on marine pebbles, witches turned spring water, a real poison. Exploration of this method, I have devoted special attention and I can say, "curare" is certainly not obtained, but as a result of, some manipulation, pure water becomes highly toxic properties, while absolutely maintaining its taste. And the long-term use may lead to irreversible changes in the human body. Runic symbols, by themselves, do not possess magical powers. The ancient Scandinavians, pursuing specific objectives, with appropriate runes, how would encode the space and surrounding matter.

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