This modern world is quite beaten by all sorts of chemical elements and pollution. Almost than any region of the world wherever you go you will find a factory or some element which reminded of the ecological crisis that we live in today. This ecological crisis has affected many areas of the lives of people. The air we breathe, the climate in which we are, among many other things has affected us. Among all these, our food has affected us. Since our food is affected by this crisis, the dream of organic fruit for consumption is starting to put into practice. Organic fruit is an alternative that had been invented in the current life to eating healthy foods that are away from all those contaminants that we consume in today. Of course, organic fruit is much healthier than the fruits that we commonly find in the markets. Ecological fruits have been implemented since the current fruit crops have become what you want less in a natural alternative. Unlike organic fruit, common fruit is coming as the product of an industrial process, where there is use of chemicals to the fumigated and manure, where there is genetic manipulation and all sorts of additions that make the resulting fruit contaminant for the body, while it is little food for the same. Therefore, the alternative of ecological fruit that is aside from all these industrial processes is quite attractive for people who really feel love for your body. Let’s see some of the details of organic fruit. Organic fruit is a fruit that is grown without the use of artificial chemicals, without the use of genetically modified seeds or seed homogenized. Of ecological fruit crops look to achieve a fresh and nutritious fruit, is not contaminated by so many things that includes modern industry. Achieve this is quite a challenge, because it includes not only technical problems such as control pests and the guarantee of a quality product, but also faces major economic problems. Due to the organic fruit is grown without the use of chemicals and without the help of many industrial tools that make fruit a contaminated, from the technical point of view product is much more difficult to cultivate it. One of the biggest problems is the pest control that prey on different fruits. But it is also a problem with organic fruit to achieve that these can be grown in mass as they can growers still making use of old industrial processes. Another problem with organic fruit is that this course is more expensive in the market. By now it seems that the consumption of organic food as organic fruit is reserved to people who are wealthy and have a special love for your health, because organic fruit is more difficult and more face to grow and because can not occur en masse as the other types of fruit, its cost will naturally be more elevated to the final consumers.

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