The teacher's working conditions are poor and in most cases even threaten against a good development of the pedagogical activity resulting in harm to the students and the teacher's frustration at not achieving the results expected . There are a number of adverse factors which may explain these poor results, from my point of view three of these are essential and greatly detract from teaching. The solution to these factors result in better academic results and humans. 1 .- Remuneration: market society in which values people live almost exclusively from the point of economically, as the level of wages is the social value is this person or in this case their profession. A low level of wages is a lack of appreciation and respect minimum social. This affects not only teachers who are currently in their profession but also, and this is the most severe, affects the initial training, then do not enter teaching young people more able and get the best scores on the psu as prefer university gives them the greater economic return. Low pay, especially for teachers just entering the system means they can not concentrate on a single educational institution and need to complete the maximum hours allowed the system and forces to achieve a more or less decent salary. This is how many teachers have stalls in various markets of the city Persians, install ceramic weekends, work as masons, some other fried buns sold in plazas, drive taxis and those who remain must work with just the classes the maximum weekly hours, all these cases I personally know because I have worked with many teachers who have to resort to these "bloomers" to increase his salary.