The Flowers Of The Chronic Sewers

The flowers of the sewers In the government Squid official heralds had announced the firm intention to extinguish the hunger. It was arisen, then, the flag of ‘ ‘ hunger zero’ ‘. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Miles D. White by clicking through. Now, eight years later, in the Dilma government, the same trumpets announce the firm intention to extinguish the misery. They leave to see me if I understood. After eight years of combat to the hunger, sworn of death for the government Squid, it is arrived, in the threshold of the Dilma government, to the conclusion of that she is necessary to extinguish the misery. I always understood that the hunger notion does not constitute essential element of the misery notion.

I always enabled myself of that a person can perfectly live of full belly and to be needy. Said in another way, never I left to admit that all hunger is needy, even so recognizes that nor all misery is hungry. From the premise of that all hunger is needy, it is easy to understand that already it had misery in ‘ ‘ fome’ ‘ of Squid. On the other hand, from the constatao of that Squid did not obtain to zero jejum social, it jumps to the eyes the perception of that still it has hunger in ‘ ‘ misria’ ‘ of Dilma. Recapitulating: in the time of Squid, it had misery and hunger.

Squid promised to extinguish the hunger. In the time of Dilma, it has hunger and misery. Dilma promises to extinguish the misery. However, you will say, Squid did not enxergava the misery. The hunger only enxergava. It did not see that the hunger viceja in the cultural context of needy, hungry behaviors or not. How it could promise to extinguish the misery? I do not know not. I cannot affirm that Squid did not enxergasse the misery in the hunger of its time. But, in compensation, nobody will be able to doubt that Dilma enxerga in the hunger of its. everything leads to believe that, for the floor of the covered cart? today exactly it rolled the head of plus a minister? the villains of the President are not hungry and only the ragged ones, but also the locupletos or, as she would say Cruz and Souza, the flowers of the sewers. At last, a light shines in the end of the tunnel.