The King

This includes the provision of information, prospects and customers offer added value. The King discipline for a target group-oriented corporate communications and successful online PR is “Change of perspective” – not from the point of view of the company, but from the perspective of the target groups write. When a grocer in his latest exotic fruit presents and several sections on turns the origin story and pricing for freedom, the readers inevitably the question ‘what I can do about it?”. The value for the customer should be clear. Examples of easy-to-implement ideas for recipes and appealing designs move closer to the interests of the target groups and provide a noticeable increase in resonance and interaction. 2. Structure gives the answers – information clearly and prepare online press releases should make a good figure not only in content but also formally. The heading is for many readers invitation and obstacle at the same time.

Formulate striking and emotionally charged title that tempt prospective buyers continue reading your online press releases. A subtitle you to communicate clear facts, that offer a deeper insight into the topic of the article. The Leadtext represents the path that leads deeper into the core of the content. Play the Quint essence of your online press release in maximum 2-3 sentences to highlight the relevance of your readers. Your body can be divided into 3-5 sections including descriptive headings.

So the reader in your online press release found along quickly and can capture easier the text due to the points of reference. 3. Search engine optimization – Google & co. love good “content feed” Google has for many people the information medium number one evolved into. The modern company menskommunikation picks up on this development, and tried to climb in the context of their online PR on the top positions of Google. Best tool is the online press release to achieve this goal.