The Man

Other explanations can not be. Probably you have heard about the energies and energy fields that surround the man. There are people with so-called strong energy and people, energetically weak. When we communicate, we interact with each other not only in words and gestures, but also at the level of our energies, our bio-energy fields. Field structure – this protection, and energy. Contact information is here: Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence.

Energy vampire penetrates this protection, or, in the process of contact, able to pick up your energy, fueled by it. And, having eaten or drunk your energy, he feels vigorous and energetic. You also have to overcome exhaustion, poor health, restore its energy potential. All this requires a certain, sometimes dramatically some, time. I do not say nothing about what you heard about the energies and energy fields, because it is something I dictates that you never seen them. You also never felt them, and hardly ever feel that they exist. By the power can not touch, and even if some people do and say what they do, then you have no opportunity to repeat it. Very easy experiment: Now I'll tell you one thing.

You have a very strong energy! Do you know about this? If anyone, and ever told you otherwise, they are blatantly lying! You have power – God grant to each such! I try to argue! Do you want to convince me otherwise? I think, not very desirable. And I'm just shocked this time, what it you have a strong and courageous. It's great that you have such power.