The Rumor

Very often, many of us in these moments of negatively programmed your mind. Any thought of a negative character will seep into our subconscious. And that would interrupt this program there is one simple remedy. Every time you notice of a negative thought, you should say to yourself or aloud two words: "erased, erased." And over time, the flow of negative thoughts will diminish. Maybe at first you will use this exercise very often, but do not worry this is normal. We got rid of the negativity now turn to the positive programming! To start, take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts.

On the left side write all the negative from which you want to get rid of (for example, low self-esteem, self-doubt, poor memory, fear, communication, etc.). On the right, make a positive program. The rules for affermatsy: Must be present or the pronoun I I It should not be too difficult. Many are very long, complex programs that do not understand that then but it is hard to read. Should describe the actual enjoyment or implemented.

Should not be straightforward. For example: "I have no problem with certainty" in this case you are trying to deceive yourself and your subconscious, so it rejects such allegations and may make it worse. The affirmation must be concrete. Should not contain a comparison. We do not recommend doing more than 7 affirmations, preferably 3-4. Try to visualize the process of reciting affirmations. An example of the proper use of affirmations: "My confidence is growing every day! "" Every day that my memory is getting better and better, "" Every day I become more sociable and more confident, "In this case, there is no direct lies. It is recommended to say Affirmations 2 times a day for 30 times each statement can be in the rumor can be myself. It is also possible to record on electronic storage devices (players, phones, etc.), and just listen to them daily. How long do it? You do it understand that the program is written in your subconscious and become part of you. And do not forget to praise yourself for any progress. Good luck and good luck! Supplementary material is available on site Bez-Strahov.Ru!